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There is not a pattern to describe a perosn with TRISOMY 21 because they are different and unique as everybody else. And yes, not all of them have many major medical issues. There is a small percentage of kids with Trisomy 21 who don't have major health issues, but you seldom hear about it when you get the news that your baby has Down syndrome. I just have found one book that talks very briefly about this matter, but I want you to know that it is possible. My son is one of them! We also are aware because the extra chromosome he has an extra high risk for many diseases. Therefore, NUTRITIONAL INTERVENSION plays an important role in keeping our son healthy.

Our super boy was doing outstanding, but something change the course of his journey. He began to regress in all developmental areas after being serious ill due to RSV. After ruling out all the possible causes, he got diagnosed with AUTISM. I haven't stopped in looking for answers to my questions and this have brought me to dig into sciencist research where I have made enourms discoveries to the benefit of my boy. My perseverance brought me to find an enviroamental doctor who has passion for what he does. So he is digging into my super boy's biochemestry to find the underline cuases of his AUTISM DIAGNOSIS and DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS.  So we have began a new journey with the two coexisting conditions, but we still keep being optimistic about our son's future even when the odds seems to be overpowering our HOPES, but Autism has tought me to NOT GIVE UP and Down syndrome has tought me to KEEP HIGH SPECTATIONS for my son. After all, nobody's future is written on stone.

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