Monday, November 23, 2009

Aptitudes of a swimmer

I used to explain to Tommy when he was an unborn baby how good he will feel the first day he will take his bath. While I was taking my shower, I used to talk to my unborn baby how mammy will wash his little face and how good he will feel the warm water around his body. Then, an special connection happened between Tommy and the water since he had his first bath. 

During a regular check-up appointment when he was a baby, our pediatrician recommended to us to putting him in swimming classes because he saw aptitudes of a swimmer on Tommy. We knew Tommy was very excited every time he took a bath; then, we enrolled him at the local YMCA for baby swimming classes when he was 9 month old.

Because of he lack of motivation to move, the IEP put him in aqua therapy this year and it has become his favorite therapy. His PT told us today what our pediatrician told us a year ago: Tommy has aptitudes to be an early swimmer. Tommy has taken the initiative of going under the water by himself several times during the sessions. Today, he wanted to swim on his own and he pushed his therapist away and went under the water. When she took him out of the water, he was laughing. She said he has the essential movements to swim and keep his head out of the water.

We are seriously thinking to put Tommy in a swimming school because it seems it is what he wants to do. 

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