Friday, November 19, 2010

Potty training is going well...

...Grande! This is the text message I got from my husband around 9:50 am with a very graphic picture proving that Tommy went potty.

My husband was amazed that our son did as big as an adult. He also called me to the office to tell me about it and he almost forgot to tell me the most important event until I started questioning him about Tommy going potty. My husband said that Tommy didn't want to stay on the chair and he was playing around. Suddenly, Tommy went back to the potty chair, sat on it and went potty. Yahoo! I think Tommy remembered what I always tell him "pee and pooh go in the potty or in the toilet." I have told him if he feels the need to go he has to sit on the potty. He did what I have been telling him; even although, I wasn't there. This make feel so good because I haven't been very consistent with the potty training, but some how it is working.

This is the picture I got in my iPhone
from my lovely husband.
I edited to show how big it was
and make it more attractive to our viewers.

"Someone discovered the toilet paper roll"
Text message from daddy to mommy

This event made our day,
this our normal as a family.
Always together not matter what!

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Kaetlyn said...

Oh! That picture of Tommy in the TP is soooo funny and cute! Congratulations on the potty training front!