Monday, April 4, 2011

Act Now to Save Funding for Postsecondary Education Programs for Students with different abilities

From the National Down Syndrome Society:
Act Now to Save Funding for Posseconday Education Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Congress is currently considering two budgets: one to fund programs for the rest of the current year (fiscal year 2011) and one to provide funding for the next fiscal year (2012).
The Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008 included a new program to provide opportunities specifically for students with intellectual disabilities, called “Transition Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities into Higher Education, or TPSIDs.”
So far, this new program has not been cut in any of the funding bills under consideration.  However, so many programs are being cut or eliminated advocates are concerned that this new program will be targeted.
In addition, the President’s funding proposal for next year (FY 2012) would consolidate or mix the program into another program.  Advocates are concerned that if that happens we could lose the focus on serving individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Contact your Senators, in person or by phone/email with the following message:  
Please support funding to continue the Transition Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities into Higher Education (TPSID) and the TPSID National Coordinating Center by the Office of Postsecondary Education in the U.S. Department of Education. These demonstration projects are developing models of effective ways to ensure that students with intellectual disabilities have access to postsecondary education and increased employment outcomes. These programs should be protected and supported in the FY 2011 and FY 2012 funding bills.

Click on TAKE ACTION NOW!. This link will take you to the website of the National Down Syndrome Sociaty (NDSS) where you can directly email to your Senator using the NDSS Mail System. You just have to fill out the electronic form. 

Your support is important for my son and my family. We believe every person with physical and cognitive challanges deserve be included as an active member of our society through a higher education as any other typical person. Your support will contribute on building a better future for our son, Tommy. Thanks for your support!

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