Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting Older

Tommy's little brother is getting older. He is a month and 4 days old! We have observed how Tommy is beginning to accept the baby. One day, Tommy came where the baby was and give the baby a kiss on his head. Other day, Tommy was really quite at the leaving room so Adam went to check on him and Tommy was gentling touching the baby's arm.  A couple of occasions Tommy has handle the pacifier or the baby bottle to me by his own inactive without prompts.

Yesterday, Francis has his first bath. It may be a little late. But his belly bottom took a while to completely dry off. I was also waiting on daddy to be at home because little moments like this one are the ones we enjoy the most. Tommy, mommy and daddy had fun giving Francis his first bath. But Francis had a hard time. What a difference when Tommy had his first bath, he was like a ducky ready to get into the water. I am glad we are weakness of the marbles God can do and it makes be thankful that we didn't miss anything with Tommy as newborn, we enjoyed him as we are enjoying Francis.

Tommy was laughing at Francis when he began 
to cry. It seems he truly understood what was going on.

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