Monday, October 8, 2012

My boys' moments

I am ready to go to bed and I am exhausted as most of my days, but today I have a greatful and happy feeling.  My boys are outstanding. They both are successful in there own and unique way. Tommy had a follow up appointment  with his ENT and she was very excited about how much Tommy has grown. Perfect height, perfect weight! She even noticed Tommy is progressing. Everybody at the Down Syndrome clinic was worried about Tommy's regressions. But today more than ever before, I noticed he is more mature. When we got to Down syndrome clinic waiting area, I went to check-in while I let him going around, instead of running around he went right to sit and wait for me. Later in the evening, we went for a walk and when we came back our neighbor was putting brinks around her garden. Tommy got curious about what she was doing. He got closer to her because he wanted to hold the brick. She carefully allowed him to hold the brink while she was saying: "it's heavy" and Tommy held the brick and told her: "it's light." We all spontaneously laugh!

This evening, we also have our Parents as Teacher meeting for Francis. The lady was impressed how advanced Francis is. He is already meeting milestones for 24 month old baby and he is just 14 months. The best of all we have done absolutely nothing to help him meet  those milestones ahead. The lady noticed Francis language comprehension as well as language expression are ahead. She was so impressed he is already humming. She also observed Francis's fine motor skills are ahead because he is already working on screw and unscrew jars. She agrees with me, Francis needs to be challenged because the gap between him and his age is getting bigger.

 I am redirecting my therapy (play time) with Tommy to include Francis. Francis enjoys it so much, and he deffenetly gets benefit from it. I have been selecting our Toys/tools to keep the ones that work for both of them and getting out the toys/tools that the boys are not interested anymore. As well as working on a new list of Toys/tools I need to work (play) with the boys. I enjoying so much being a mom, but I also enjoy being their first teacher!


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