Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Best Christmas Brake Ever!

I just felt a relief during the Christmas break. Because I noticed many small changes on Tommy. When I began my journey with Tommy's Autism diagnosis, I didn't know what to do or what to expect. Sensory processing issues was something I wasn't understanding very well. I couldn't understand why he regressed so much or why he stopped being affectionate. Today, the story is switching to a child who is definitely getting more and more out of his own world. Now, I do believe that kids with Autism doesn't have to remind in their own world, there is a window to pull them out. 
Tommy enjoyed for the first time Christmas morning while opening presents. He actually open some of his presents. For the first time, we had a better idea what Tommy would like for Christmas. He is an animal lover, so we got some stuff animals (a Cheetah, a Koala, and orangutan). He also got books from Llama Llama and many more presents. He was very excited with his presents. It was very exciting to watch his faces expressions that he liked his presents. He never before showed this emotional expression for a present given to him.
He also did good in our family reunions with our extended families. He was more comfortable being around people and the noise wasn't batter him as before.  He greeted his Grandma, who lives in Panama, through Skype. He told her: "Feliz Navidad" (Merry Christmas). He learned to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
 Taken advantage of the nice weather the day after Christmas, We went to zoo. Tommy and his little brother had so much fun. In our walk in the zoo, we could watch a Cardinal bird on a branch. He truly enjoyed watching the elephants as well as the seals. It was a beautiful day that Tommy enjoyed as he likes, being outside. But the best of all, he spent time with his little brother and when they walking around the park holding hands, I heard Tommy saying to Francis: "My brother" while looking at Francis. 
During the break, Tommy played a lot with his little brother. It was amazing looking at them interacting. They even played tug war by holding hands, which was spontaneous without therapy intervention. Tommy also was more adventurous because he practiced riding his scooter in the living room. He is getting better and better. This has been the best Christmas brake ever!

(A causing is missing in the picture, it is hard to get them all).



I don't know what the future grant for Tommy.
Autism is a journey that I didn't ask for, and of course, I didn't want either. 
But at the same time, it has brought a courage from the inside
my heart I didn't know I had. It is not an easy journey,
but I know Autism is treatable and recovery is possible!

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