Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tommy washes his hands

Tommy learned to use the hand sanitizer when he was about 18 months. But teaching to watch his hands would be challenging because he cannot reach the sink. Last weekend, Tommy climbed my steep stool while he was exploring around. I realized if he could climbed my step stool, he could wash his hands and he would be able to improve his balance and his gross motor skills at the same time. Therefore, he is learning to watch his hands. After, we help him to watch his hands, he likes to dry his hands with paper towel. He truly enjoys it!

"The sky is the limit"
Tommy washes his hand for the first time

Taking this picture wasn't easy. I was so afraid 
he could fall.  I could not concentrate to take the photos 
of the process of him climbing; even although, my 
husband was watching him. I just took the beginning and the end.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!!

Rosa, have you thought about coaching other parents? I think you'd be a wonderful support for many new parents who have children with Down syndrome and maybe just are not motivated in the same way as you are to teach Tommy all that you do!

Tommy is doing so wonderful! I sure wish I would have known you when Gabriel was Tommy's age!

evrfwd said...

wow, that's so great! i agree with Lianna, you should totally be a coach! i need all the help i can get because my daughter is so stubborn. oh, she just flops her little bum down on the ground when we try and make her walk. reading all your progress is very inspiring.