Friday, January 8, 2010

Tommy, the explorer

As any other child, Tommy is an explorer. He likes to explorer everything around the house. I have a plant stand in the dining room and I had to remove all my plants because of him. Then, he takes the lower basket out of the stand and he uses as a top toy. He spins the basket around the house.

See the video, Tommy spins his basket top toy.

He doesn't have to use mommy's plant basket as a top toy anymore. He got a top toy for Christmas from his grandparents. It is a very cute Jay Jay Jet Plane mini top toy. He has currently learned how to spin the top toy. I think his therapist is right when she said Tommy is fine motor driven. While I was thinking it will take longer for him to discover how to use the toy, my little explorer was already doing it.  We also use the top toy to teach opposites (Up and Down) while he pull up and down the handle. 

See the video when Tommy learned to spin his new top toy. 

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MOliver said...

What a funny little kid. Tommy seems to be doing just fine.