Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beating Growth Chart

When Tommy was an unborn baby he had slow growth, but his growth improved without any explanation 3 months before he was born. When he was born he was a good size baby and he has always been in the highest percentiles for kids with Trisomy 21. In the growth chart for typical kids, his growth has fluctuated, but he is always  keeping a good hight for his age. But after the hospitalization, Tommy had a poor growth. I began to be concern because this was another indication something may be wrong. Our ENT wasn't concern because she said is very typical and always his hormone levels come back normal. From not where, I noticed Tommy has grown in the last months. I just noticed today he is taller than a few weeks ago because his pants and shirt look a lot shorter.  I don't care about percentiles, I just care that he keeps growing. I will be writing in the coming months what is happening to Tommy, why the hospitalization affected him so much and he regressed about a year back. Meanwhile, I am so happy he is growing! Spring is coming, so it is time to get new cloth for him!

Regardless any issue my son faces,
 he always does something that gives me hope. 

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Laura said...

Happy shopping! I'm glad to hear he is doing better again!