Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to school

Tommy couldn't attend our home school last year because the needed equipment wasn't available at his home school, so he attended the main elementary school of the school district. Today, we went to his new school to meet his new teachers because we couldn't attend the open house last week. Tommy's new teacher are Miss Kummer and Mr. Henken. I am so glad to have them in Tommy's team because a good chemistry between them was obvious to me. Tommy walked into the building and the staff began to melt with his smile and an outgoing personality, which surprised me because I haven't seen him so outgoing after his Autism diagnosis. This truly made me feel good! We also saw two of Tommy's paraprofessionals and they came to greet him.  I also met some personnel that knew Tommy from the other school. They wanted him to sing the National Anthem, but he didn't want to. Tommy even shacked hands with the principal.  It truly felt like a second family! 

The new school is beautiful! I am so glad that we missed the open house because I could talk to Miss Kummer and Mr. Henken for about 45 minutes and they gave me a tour around the entire school. I was impressed! The resource room is very nice. They created it with a comfortable environment where the interior design resembles a leaving room. 

I have never been so excited for Tommy going to school until today. I was worried about Tommy going to first grade due to many challenges need to be conquered for him to reach his full potential. But today those worries were smoothly dismissed. I think it is a good sign that he didn't want to leave school because he was the center of the attention. I am very confident that my boy is ready to go back to school tomorrow!

Here is Tommy at his new school.
I am praying for him to have a wonderful school year.

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