Wednesday, October 14, 2009

31 for 21: Tommy as a model in a Fashion Show

Through the Internet, you will find hundreds of blogs talking about Trisomy 21 (T21). This is because October is the awareness month for T21 (Down syndrome). I joined to the group of bloggers who are celebrating 31 for 21.

 The little extra chromosome in my son has given me extra pride when I talk about him. The extra chromosome has changed my life with extra love, extra care, extra courage, and extra faith. Having a little extra is not bad, I think having a little extra is what make people with T21 the most powerful people in the world. I am not afraid of what the future may grant for my son, after all, I had the opportunity to know and meet terrific people with T21 at 1st Annual Fashion Show organized by the local Down syndrome Association. I was impressed of all the models and their abilities.  I consider them as the Pioneers of a new generation of super heroes with T21. 

This event was wonderful because I could meet other families and members of the Association. I got involved in the organization of the event, and off course, my son was also a model. This event was very well organized. The atmosphere was very positive and full of love, happiness, cooperation and FUN. I feel that the Down Syndrome Association is like my second family; If my son wouldn't have a little extra I would have missed the opportunity to be member of this great organization.

Thank you to our family and friends for supporting us in this great event. Enjoy the video.


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Vicki said...

Tommy and Rosa rock! Too cute!