Saturday, October 10, 2009

Daddy as a Teacher

God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who is funny, loyal, kind, and a great father. Tommy thinks his daddy is the best daddy in the world. His face lights up as soon as he sees daddy. Daddy is Tommy's hero as my father in law is Adam's hero. 

My husband more than a Daddy is also a teacher for Tommy. He is teaching to Tommy how to model, sign and imitate the word "book". Meanwhile, he combines the Speech therapy with the Physical therapy. See the video below (Pay attention because you will heard Tommy saying "Hi dada").

The books my husband is showing Tommy in the video are from the collection Sign and Sing-a-long by Annie Kubler. We killed 3 birds with one stone with these books.  
  1. Speech development while we sing and learn the signs. We also say and repeat the word "book".
  2. Hand Play by including the signs spider, rain, son, teddy bear, sky and light.
  3. Brain development by crossing the midline while he signs spider and teddy bear. Crossing the midline is important for brain development because it connects the two hemispheres of the brain. According to the book Bright From the Start by Jill Stamm, "the better the connections between its sides, the more smoothly the whole brain is able to work and, therefore, the better the learning of certain skills".

My husband is a great teacher for Tommy. He is not just teaching Tommy about Speech or Physical skills, he is also teaching Tommy to be a good man through the example. Adam is a good role model. I couldn't choose better!


Vicki said...

Tommy is a lucky boy to have such a great mom and dad, too!

sara p said...

not sure if you have heard of "baby signing time" they are great dvds... if you have time you should check out thier website, lilly and max love them:) it seems like every family in my Ds family network has them... its a great way to help all kids not just children with Ds learn signing in such a fun way. (wow, it sounds like i work for them... i don't:))

Rosa Maria said...

It is true! A lot of families with kids with DS has this videos. A Speech therapy recommended it to me a while ago. I bought them and they are fabulous because they show the daily routine of babies. My son just started to pick them up by just washing the videos. His favorite one is "dog" now. He signs dog when he wants I do like a dog barking, and then, he repeats after me.