Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Unusual Baby Proofing Item

Tommy was barely moving 7 weeks ago. We didn't see so much progress in his gross motor skills for 7 months. I was very worried because his body was getting strong enough to get around according to his PT, but he didn't want to be mobile. Suddenly, He has gone from sitting up on his own while he lays down on his back to army crawling and occasionally creeping to pull up; from pulling up to occasionally climbing in and out the couch without cushions; from standing up without support for a few seconds to cruising on the crib. And then, to Jump out of the crib!

This pass Monday, my husband and I were washing TV and Tommy was supposedly taking a nap. We heard through the monitor he was awake; when suddenly, we heard a noise. I told Adam: "Tommy jumped out of the crib". He said "He is not able to do that". My husband went to Tommy's room when he screamed: "Tommy is on the floor, come to see him." Tommy was playing very happy with his CD collection on the floor close to the crib. He wasn't injured, thank God to my husband! My husband put a air mattress close to the crib because we saw Tommy trying to get out of the crib over the weekend. How he did, we are not sure. But I think he pushed him self up to the rails and then he used his arms to push himself down to the ground and felt on the mattress. The mattress saved him from a serious injured because his head would have received the major impact. The air mattress has become our new baby proofing item. Highly recommended!

His grandpa was baby sitting yesterday and he had to lower the mattress to the lower level because Tommy was trying to get out of the crib again.

What I have heard from my parents and my husband's parents, Tommy is just as my husband and I when we were kids. Our kids with T21 will do things that will exceed our expectations. This is something I didn't read in any book or article about T21 when I was prenatally diagnosed. Our son has taught us that regardless the syndrome, he is just a kid. He is our super hero!

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Vicki said...

I LOVE it!! Tommy's mischievious side is coming out! Watch out...those boys can be trouble!