Saturday, February 6, 2010

The little Picasso

I am so excited that Tommy seems to be an artist like mommy ; ). He enjoys scrabbling so much that he gets excited as soon as he sees the blank page and the crayons. We are spending 10 to 15 minutes daily for scrabbling to strength his fine motor skills. I have read that it is better that toddlers color on big piece of papers because they don't know they should color inside the edges of the paper. But Tommy colors in regular size paper and he flips the page when it is getting filled in. My husband makes fun of me because I am so amazed of "Tommy's art". He just sees insignificant scrabbles. But I see more than that! I see how Tommy's fine motor skills are improving. He is drawing straight lines and kind of circles. I also found graphics in his scrabbles which make everything more interesting for me as an artist. See the scrabble below, you will find the A and the Z letters link together (Look at the left of his scrabble).

“I used to draw like Raphael, but it has taken me
a whole lifetime to learn to draw like a child”
~Pablo Picasso

It takes me a few seconds to paint like Picasso.
~ Tommy


Anonymous said...

I truly liked my nephew's painting, I think he have a lot of talent and a great potential. I will be his first fan and the first person to buy his paintings. Aunt Ibeth

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT! All children should have the opportunity for creative expression. I clearly see the "A" and I have to tell you that you may have a son printing sooner that you think!

Rosa Maria said...

Thanks Lianna for your comment. I am planing a trip to an art supply store where his therapist said I can find blowing pens or something similar. I am thinking to buy them for his birthday. I will definitely try to paint with the straws.