Friday, February 26, 2010

The power of bubbles

One of my favor therapy tools is "Bubbles". Bubbles are more than soapy water. They have a special power on children to make them to work without knowing it. We use bubbles for oral motor therapy, but we also use them to improve Tommy fine motor skills.

Tommy index fingers where bending backward, it wasn't that bad, but I am very persistent to help Tommy in every aspect because I know it wasn't a big problem then, but it could be a big problem later if it is not corrected. Then, his team and I are working to strength the muscle of his index fingers. I have already seen improvement since November when we started to help him to strength his index fingers. He is insulating  his fingers in a nicer way for pointing and pushing buttons. We got the Bath Time Bubble Maker by Summer Infant for Christmas. This is a good bathtub toy to strength the index fingers. The button is not hard to press. He starts the bubbles maker by himself and I turn it off to encourage him to press the button again. I encourage him to point while I am counting the bubbles, but the fun part for Tommy is to pop the bubbles. The bath time bubble maker is an inexpensive toy, but it has a lot benefits in our fun way to do therapy.


Anonymous said...

Too much fun! Brilliant idea!

Rosa Maria said...

Thank you Lianna for checking my blog.