Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tommy 'The Super Boy' Keeps rocking!

Tommy is judged due to his dual diagnosis, but he is in this world to change minds. He is standing out by himself by showing that labels don't stop the amazing human been he is. He is going against his labels and he is ready to show us the true "Tommy."  Therefore, I am sitting back to watch him shining.

Sept. 19
"Tommy counted up to 14. He did it unprompted while playing during quite time." 
~Tommy's Paraprofessional at School 
She was so excited, surprised and happy for Tommy. She is becoming a witness of what I keep saying. Tommy knows a lot more of what he lets us know.

Sept. 19
"I know Tommy understands how to trace letters. He takes my my hand and follow the lines. He has the understanding of it"
~Private Paid OT
She is meaning that Tommy has the cognitive understanding, but his fine muscles don't respond as they should. Tommy feels more confident if he holds her hand, and then, he traces the letters. I know Tommy has the cognitive understanding for fine motor skills, which I have known for long time. It feels good other person can also see it. I have even cried with Tommy because I see his frustration, specially, after he regressed so much in fine motor skills.  I do believe what she is saying!

Sept. 20
"Tommy was saying the colors. We were walking to the bus and he started to say purple as we walked past the big purple truck. And then, I started to ask him what colors were and he named them."
~Text message from Tommy's Daddy.
My husband was very excited and proud of Tommy. I bet Tommy was so proud showing off to Daddy how much he knows. Tommy and Daddy has a special bonding!

I have the privilege of raising one of the most amazing kids in the world. A kid that shows me in very simple ways that miracles happen almost every day. I just feel my soul and my body are together again. It was very hard to witness Tommy's regressions and isolation, but I just feel joy for my son today. My action plan is working!

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Go Tommy!

Wonderful update!