Saturday, March 27, 2010

Down syndrome teen gets driver license

The philosophy of our family is "The sky is the limit". It is the way Clayton Marr, a teenager with courage and perseverance, got his driver license regardless his diagnosis of Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome). He doesn't know limits and he got really high by reaching his goal and becoming the second – and youngest – New Zealander with Down syndrome to get a driver's license. Read the full story in Stuff, a newspaper from New Zealand.

WHEEL EFFORT: Clayton Marr, 19, of
Waimea West, who has Down syndrome,
proudly displays his driver's licence.

As this teenager got the support from his family to try, Tommy will have the same support and encouragement from Adam and I to reach very high. Things have changed for our kids with T21! It is our duty as parents to learn from parents as Jeff and Sophie Marr to help our kid to achieve their independence. Clayton Marr has proved to us that "The Sky is the Limit."


Anonymous said...

I agree. Funny enough, right now I am trying to get my full driver's license. In Canada, it is a two step process. Anyway, I've just begun my on road driving lessons with a qualified instructor. I have seen this story about Clayton Marr and I am so completely inspired. THIS is what our hopes are for Gabriel, too.

Rosa Maria said...

There is not a hurry, it took me two years to drive. I am proud of my self I did not matter how long it took me.

Sophie Marr said...

Hi Guys, I'm Clayton Marr's Mother. My husband and myself were really surprised how far Claytons story has travelled. We are very proud parents. Its been really nice to read your adventures. Positive thinking and lots of love... you guys have it sorted. Take care

Anonymous said...

wow this is great can i use this story for my project if i give the site credit? :) <3 it really touched my heart!

Rosa Maria said...

Feel free to use this story. This a great story to share with everybody because what seems impossible is more possible than we can imagine.

Marsha said...

I am the mom of a fifteen year old son with DS, who wants to drive. I believe he can! I was thrilled to hear about this!