Monday, March 22, 2010

Tommy "The Explorer" in New York for St. Patrick's Day

Tommy is a lucky guy! He has been in more place than my husband and I when we were his age. We went last year to visit Panama, my mother land. Tommy "The Explores" went to several providences and met a lot of people. It was a great way to celebrate his first birthday. This year, we did a shorter trip to New York City to celebrate his 2nd birthday, but it was very excited as our first trip. Tommy enjoyed the trip to New York, the best part for him was riding the airplane. He loves the turbulence!

Tommy "The Explorer" in his way to New York

Tommy "The Explorer" goes to Time Square,
the first night in New York
New York is an amazing and exciting place, but what I liked the most is his people. New Yorkers were very friendly, specially to Tommy. It was amazing how a little kid in the middle of millions of people was like a celebrity! Everywhere we went someone smiled at him or say something to him. One day we were walking at night and Tommy was sleeping on the stroller, I saw a lady coming and she said to her husband: "Ohhh, look at that baby, he's so cute". The day we were celebration his birthday in T.J. Fridays, an old lady came to our table and she said to me: you don't know how lucky you are, he is extremely cute. Of course, Tommy has the biggest smile in his face. The day we went to Central Park, I heard an old man saying: "Waooo! He is a happy child". When I look, it was a homeless man. We smiled back to him very proud of our child and he said "he is a very happy baby". The homeless man talked to Tommy while Tommy was smiling and laughing at him. Other young Hispanic lady sat beside us one day we were taking our lunch and she said to Tommy: "Que Dios te bendiga" (May God Bless You) and she look at me and said: Tines un bebé hermoso, que Dios te lo bendiga" (You have a gorgeous baby, May God bless him). This people where God messengers for me, telling us: your son will be accepted and included because, as our first pediatrician said, "this guy has a great personality which will help him later in life."

Tommy 's greeting smile to New Yorkers

Tommy "The Explorer" have a great time in New York. Traveling is something he truly enjoys. We will keep planning a family vacation every year as much as possible because it makes us to enjoy each other and get out of the routine, while we area creating family memories and making our family ties stronger. We cannot enjoy a family dinners at the table as other families because of my husband work schedule. But when we are on vacations, we truly enjoy eating together as a family.

Tommy "The Explorer" eating breakfast
with his family
Tommy "The Explorer" hanging out with Daddy
Tommy "The Explorer" on the Subway

Tommy "The Explorer" still sleepy,
but eating his breakfast at the St. Patrick's Day Parade

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Tommy "The Explorer" watching
St. Patrick's Day Parade

Tommy "The Explorer" visits
Central Park Zoo. He was saying mooo, mooo
but the cow went away.

Tommy "The Explorer" feeds the animals

Tommy's favorite bird at the Central Park Zoo.
He thought the Toucan was his favorate toy stuffed animal.
His toucan stuffed animal makes a noise Tommy imitates
He did this noise as soon as he saw the Toucan in the glass cage.

Tommy was fascinated with the pigs and ducks.

Tommy "The Explorer" had a great time, so do we!

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