Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tommy's Birthday Party

Tommy will turn 2 this week and we had a small party with our intimidate family yesterday. We have been very busy that we didn't have the energy to plan a big party as we did last year. Tommy's 2 birthday party was fun and cozy. I am making a tradition in our family and the tradition is that every birthday party will have a theme; therefore, the decoration, cake and outfit have to be according to the theme. The theme this year was "Tommy, the bug catcher". His cousins dressed up as a butterfly and a lady bug. I designed Tommy's t-shirt and my mom gave him the outfit. My sister-in-law help to decorate the living room very festive and creative. My mother-in-law did a caterpillar cup cake, which was the attraction in the party. Tommy's great-aunt did a delicious fruit salad and my husband was the chef, the barbeque was amazing. Tommy got nice presents and we are so excited to play with them this morning. We have a great time yesterday!

The Lady Bug, the Bug Catcher and the Butterfly

Polo Shirt Design by a proud mommy
Cup-Cake by my mother-in-law

Birthday Cake by a local bakery

Happy Birthday, Tommy! We are very proud of you.
You are an amazing child.

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