Monday, March 22, 2010

Improving Gross Motor Skills

Because of Tommy is motivated to get mobile again, we are giving him more opportunities to get around with his bike and we are taking advantage of the nice weather. We took him to ride his bike this evening around the block, which has 8 houses, where the side walks are connected with a route that goes to the garages behind the houses. It is an easy and save way to go around the block over and over again while Tommy speeds on his bike. He was so excited chasing us. he didn't want to ride the walking bike a while ago; however, he didn't want to leave the bike this evening. He is getting very motivated to walk, he has done a couple of independent steps and we are encouraging him to keep trying.

Tommy's maniac face trying to get me

A little bit tired after two rounds


Kimberly said...

Yeah, Tommy!

Where can I get a bike like that? Is it very adjustable for height because my bear cub is very short?

Rosa Maria said...

Hi Kimberly,

Thank you so much for checking my blog. Our PT recommended the walking bike. It keeps the child's torso in a straight position forcing she or he to work the abdominal muscles. We got the bike in because I couldn't find it at Target store. You can get there in specialty toy stores, but they are more expensive there. It is not an adjustable bike, but it forces the kids to walk when they ride on. The bike has a handle for parents to control the bike. We are going to get it to take him to the park instead of using the umbrella stroller. Here is the link where you can read more about the bike:

Thanks agin to check my blog.

Renee Rogles said...

Tommy is getting so big! I can't believe he is already two! What a handsome little guy, and so lucky to have parents like you and Adam!

Renee Rogles