Sunday, January 16, 2011

Matching by shape

Shapes recognition and matching will foster a young child's mind to further develop in language, cognitive, social and fine motor skills. It is believed that shapes recognition and matching "play an important role in math performance" (Mazzocco et. al, 2006 pg. 89). Matching is an important skill for young children to develop because it is an essential pre-reading skill.

My son began to match simple jumbo peg puzzles at an appropriate age and matching has become one of his best skills. Our DT brought the Voila Shapes & Shadows Wooden Recognition and Matching Game at the beginning of September. I liked this board game so much that I immediately hunt for this toy.

I like this toy because it has
20 sets of wooden shape and shadow boards to recognize various shapes and match them with the corresponding outlines. Young kids will develop shape recognition while they strengthen their visual memory and fine motor.

Tommy got engage with this game since the beginning I think it is because of the 3D shapes. We currently use two shapes at a time. We will
eventually increase more and more shapes and shadow boards until he can match all the 20 shapes and shadow boards. Tommy puts the shapes aligned with the shadow board sometimes. Other times, he puts the shapes upside down on the right shadow boards or he puts the shapes on the side of the right shadow boards, so we accept it as correct because it is expect at his age.

Enjoy the video of Tommy matching by shape.

Tommy associates the rectangle and square shapes with the iPhone.
At the end of the video, he pretends he talks on the square iPhone
and he handed it to me to talk to daddy on the square iPhone
before matching.

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