Monday, March 28, 2011

Our art of blowing —Lip Whistles

Our former Speech Therapist brought a lip whistle in one her visits in February to work on oral motor with Tommy. I searched online for the lip whistle just in case the one she left gets broken. For my surprise, I found the lip whistles in a website that sells therapeutic tools for oral motor therapies at $11.95 (12-pack). Howsoever, the lip whistles are also sold at $5.99 (48 pieces) in (a party supply store). Before buying any blowing toy as a therapeutc tool for Tommy's blowing kit, I check prices and availability in local party store supplies or online because many of the whistles, horns and flutes used as oral motor therapeutic tools are also sold in party supply stores at a cheaper price.

The lip whistle is great to work on strengthening the lip muscles to achieve a good lip closure. This whistle is more difficult to blow than the other whistles we have in Tommy's blowing kit.  Tommy couldn't blow it the first time, but after three of our session he was able to blow it. He cannot hold the whistle with his lips and blow at the same time. When he is able to hold it with his lips and blow it, then, he will master this whistle. Meanwhile, he holds the whistle with his hand or I hold it for him. This whistle is fun as party favor or a therapeutic tool. So it has become one of our favorite blowing toys in our art of blowing.

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