Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What do Autism and Down syndrome have in common?

They have a lot in common.  Autism and Down syndrome have the same roots or causes for many of their neurological issues. Two of the common underline causes for their brains not to work properly are Neuro-immunity and Mitochondrial dysfunction.

What is Neuro-immunity?
Neuro-inmmunity is brain inflammation. In the video below, Dr. Kendal Steward explains neuro-immunity, how common is in the population and how neuro-immune disorders like Alzheimer and Autism are very alike. 

Dr. Steward mentioned in the video above that treating Mitochondrial dysfunction is a factor to heal Autism.  To have a better understanding of Mitochondrial dysfunction and its link with Autism, I have been following Dr. Suzanne Goh's scientist research. She has put together a seminar of 5 videos that explain Mitochondrial dysfunction in kids with Autism.

To watch all 5 videos of the seminar click HERE.

Now that I know what the root of the problem are, there is an issue: To find a Doctor who practices advanced medicine willing to work with me. Many doctors are not used to have patients with a good idea of what the health issue may be. On the other hand, people with Down syndrome get overlooked to be treated for Neuro-immunity/Mitochondrial dysfunction, even when there is enough scientist evidence that has proved they have them. On top of these issues, Neuro-immunity/Mitochondrial dysfunction are mystery diagnosis, so there are not many specialist with the training to treat them. Here is when I have asked to God:
"Is this the reason that you sent Autism in our way?"
More laws are starting to get into place for kids with Autism getting medical help, so I am using this in the benefit of my son's well being because his Down syndrome diagnosis is not helping much. His Autism diagnosis is secretly helping in the alignment of challenges due to his Down syndrome diagnosis, such as Neuro-immunity/Mitochondrial dysfunction. Finding medical help for Tommy would be a lot harder, or impossible, if he wouldn't have Autism. 

Finding a Doctor willing to work with me, it is going to be hard in our state. I have contacted two out of three doctors who specialized in Mitochondrial disorders near us. They are not willing to get more into detail to find the reason for my son's regressions. But this won't stop me! There are a lot more sources in bigger states.  I have been following the work of  Dr. Kendal Stewart and Dr. Suzanne Goh for over a year. They both are experienced neurologists and they both have made big contributions to modern science in the benefit of kids with Autism.

  • Dr.  Kendal Steward created the Sensory View test. According to Neuro Sensory of America, "Sensory View™, the first web enabled, comprehensive Neuro-Sensory diagnostic system. Sensory View™ represents a combination of seven well recognized diagnostic tests in an innovative and patented protocol. All the medical devices and tests are FDA approved and insurance reimbursable. Click HERE to watch a video that explained how this diagnostic software works for kids Autism and other neurological disorders.
  • "Dr. Suzanne Goh is a board-certified pediatric neurologist with expertise in the evaluation and treatment of children with neurological conditions that impact brain development, cognition, and behavior. Dr. Goh received her Bachelors of Arts degree, summa cum laude, in History and Science from Harvard University (1993-1997). She went on to attend Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar (1997-1999). In 2004, she graduated from Harvard Medical School, cum laude. She is consider a pioneer in finding the link of Mitochondrial Dysfunction as a Neurological Subtype of Autism Spectrum Disorder, evidence where fund in Brain Imaging of individuals with Autism.
As a parent we should be aware of mitochondrial dysfunction signs mention by Dr. Goh in the video above and look for medical help:
Graphic taken from Dr. Goh's video
Tommy has all the mitochondrial dysfunction signs.
There is a large family health history linked to mitochondrial dysfunction 
in our families, which make kids of  our family more likely to develop Autism.

Tommy received a sedative medication, a strong antibiotic and steroids as part of the treatment for RSV. 
Since he wake up from the sedation 3 years ago, he has never been 
the same child. All three medications are known for interfering with the mitochondria. 
This is the reason I am desperately looking for Tommy's Mitochondrial dysfunction as a diagnosis. 

Thinking to travel and pay for the services of Dr. Steward or Dr. Goh seems impossible. Howsoever, last year, it was impossible to find a DAN doctor, and when I wasn't expected it, I found Dr. Sultan. So I will be persistent as I have always been, and sooner or later, I will be on my way to Texas to meet Dr. Steward or in my way to California to meet Dr. Goh. Or anywhere else where I find the right doctor to treat my son regardless his genetic disorder. God is on my side!


If you think your child may have mitochondrial dysfunction, here is document you can print out and share with your child's doctor. It explains how Mitochondrial dysfunction is linked to Autism, click HERE to download: An Educational Webinar about Autism and Mitochondrial Function by Dr. Suzanne Goh. It is a 5 page document.

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