Saturday, November 1, 2014

First Speech Therapy session at Home

Today was the first Speech Therapy session at Home. I am loving it. Really! It is so much better. While she was with Tommy, I could focus 100% on Francis and we had a good time. I also could do laundry! Mrs. F. said Tommy talks and says a lot. So TOMMY IS VERBAL, something we all around Tommy needs to understand. Tommy's issue is that he cannot communicate. He needs to learn that communication is back and force between him and other person. He needs to learn to say all the words he knows in a context while looking at a person rather than randomly when he is running, jumping or on his own, which is very common to see in kids with AUTISM. Mrs. F. has said goals to build his play skills, and then, to communicate.

Working with Mrs. F. is definitely more organized and enticing for Tommy of what I was doing. I will follow her communication routine while playing with Tommy. This will help me to keep working on his play skills for the neuro-developmental program.  I decided to get a professional involved because it was becoming too hard to get Tommy to play with toys. If we met this developmental skills Tommy will be able to keep advancing in the developmental ladder. I feel more empowered now to help him!


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