Friday, October 14, 2011

31 for 21: A bond that last for ever

My boys are beginning to enjoy each other after a rough start. It was hard for Tommy having other child at home. He pooled the baby's hair, scratched his leg, tried to threw the baby away of  his bed. He still gets sad once and a while if daddy is paying too much attention to Francis. But things have suddenly change. Several times, he has handle me the baby bottle without me requesting his help. He tries to comfort Francis when we are busy and cannot get to see Francis right a way. So Tommy has made up his own way to comfort his little brother. When Francis cry, Tommy runs towards him and puts his finger for Francis to suck (it works, ha, ha, ha). This evening he decided that it was time to feed his little brother, so he took a little bottle that looks like a baby bottle to feed Francis. I could take a picture of this priceless moment. Francis enjoys so much having Tommy around. He smiles at Tommy and suck Tommy's fingers without complain. He follows Tommy across the room with his eyes. I am sure Francis will be Tommy's best fan.

A bond that will last for ever.
For Tommy and Francis brotherhood 
is all what matters, regardless Tommy's diagnosis.


We Can Do All Things said...

Just found your blog. I love, love ,love it. My daughter also has Ds and is just amazing!

Rosa Maria said...

I am glad you find my blog. I checked yours and it is full of ideas to teach our kids. I love your blog too. It will very helpful when I am running out of ideas to teach my son.