Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 for 21: A milestone day for my boys (Jumping and Rolling)

Wow! My boys have accomplished the same day two important gross motor milestones. Tommy has been very focused on jumping. Last week, he discovered he could try jumping form the coffe table to the couch. So he has been practicing until today because he JUMPED. My husband and I could witness this moment and we were very excited for him. We know that he cannot take his gross motor skills for granted. He began to attempt to jump a year ago. His mind was ready, but not his body. He still has to practice more to improve his jumping skills. But it was amazing seen him getting in his tiptoes and jump. On the other hand, Francis began to roll over since last week, but we couldn't see it because we were not at home. He rolls over in both directions back to Tommy and Tommy to back. He still struggles rolling over tummy to back. I I just wish I could film it. My video camera had the battery too low.

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