Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 for 21: Listening Center

"Sensory processing is a term used to describe how the seven senses of the body are processed by the nervous system. It is the nervous system to perceive sensory information, process it, and produce a response. When sensory information is perceived by the nervous system, the brain must determinate what sensation is and if it is "okay". When the nervous system has difficulty accurately identifying information or if it interprets that information as being "no okay", then a child may react in a manner that seems disproportionate to the circumstance. The child may avoid sensory experiences, or may seek additional sensory experiences..." (Leaps and Bounds, Sensory Center).

In Tommy's case, he is under and over responsive to sensory information. He is over responsive to auditory information. This is the reason he cannot hear a crowded talking, clapping or laughing. These noises disturb him and he panics, but if I am with him I know how to clam him down. What I do is to explain to him why people are doing those noises, and it seems he understand what I am saying because he looks around like it make senses what I am saying and he doesn't cry. This make me think he is learning to control his sensory issues. I cannot say that Tommy's has sensory issues caused by a noisy environment because he loves to be in big cities. What I have observed on him is that noises coming especially for a group of people is what disturbs him.

I am always searching for ways to help my son to reach his full potential and overcome his developmental challenges. This how I found out about headphones as helpers for kids with auditory sensory issues. So we bought the "Caliphones" because they are inexpensive and cute. We took my husband old iPod and uploaded most of Tommy's favorite songs. I tried them yesterday in our way home. I observed Tommy's response and this is what I observed:

  • Tommy's sickness for visual input decreased while wearing the headphones.
  • His repetitive tongue movement wasn't present during the way home.
  • He didn't need oral stimulation.
  • His mouth was nicely close.
  • He didn't grind his teeth.

This headphones are for kids from 3 to 10 years old. They have volume control, slotted baffles to protect against accidental perforation on the internal speaker and ambient noise-reducing ear-cups.

After my observation, I  hostly think that Tommy's sensory issues are not that sever and he will overcome them. We just have to work on it and he will shine like a rock-star.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, can you explain what you mean by his sickness for need of visual input? Thank you, Yvette