Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 to 21: A dream come true

It is amazing watching Tommy going around with his trike. I never thought it will be that fast. It seems every time he rides his trike, he improves his riding skills. He just have to work on steering the trike, specially in the corners. We never worked on keeping his feet on the pedals or teaching him how to stop the trike, he just knew. I remember the first time Tommy rode a tricycle in Wall-mart Sport Department. I pushed the tricycle and Tommy just followed the pedals movement without struggles. I commented it with my mom and she told me: "You will see, he will learn to ride the tricycle very fast." My mom was right! When she said that, I smiled because I have the book "Gross Motor Skills for kids with Down syndrome, which explains the process how to teach our kids to ride a tricycle. I have also hear from therapists and parents how hard this is for our kids.

Tommy has exceeded our expectations
one more time.

I searched for many bikes before making the decision what bike will be appropriate for him. So I found adaptive bikes in, but they are too expensive. One day, I went to Toys R Us and found the Huffy Hi low Trike with a very similar design to the ones that are sold in

Huffy Hi-Low trike features:
This bike benefit any child who is learning to ride a tricycle, regardless if it is a child with developmental challenges or a child with a typical development. I think the most important feature is the Huffy pedals 'no slip grip.' Because they child will gain confident right from the beginning, so he or she will be more than willing to ride the trike over and over again. 

According to the, this trike has 3 important stages:

• Strider. By holding onto the Strider handle, your child balances while walking behind the Hi-Low Trike.

High Rider. Your child learns how to pedal the Hi-Low Trike! The Steer Straight™ Technology and convenient Strider behind-the-seat handle make teaching easy.

• Low Rider. As your child gains confidence, the trike easily converts to the low rider position. It’s faster and more fun when your child is ready!

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