Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 for 21: High Expectations (Part 2)

Despaired to find information to help my unborn baby back in 2007, I went online as many other parents when they get the news. But in my search, I found out about someone who changed my perspective about Trisomy 21.  Her name, Bernadette Resha. If you goggle Bernadette Resha, you will see how much information about her you can find online. When you see her paintings, you wish you could have her talent.
Bernadette's Bio
"Born in Nashville TN with Down Syndrome, Bernadette has become well known in the art community worldwide. Her exposure to the art world and culture started as a child attending as many art galleries, museums, concert halls and plays as her time would allow. From an early age she was encouraged to draw and color in her own style as a form of expression and therapy. This has resulted in a body of work which documents an artist developing a unique style entirely her own. With an artist grandmother and a mother fully committed to allowing her to use this medium of self expression for as far as she would care to take it, Bernadette now exhibits in numerous art galleries, art and craft shows throughout south east and attends many conventions throughout the United States showing and selling her work."
I still remember when I saw her website. It was like a parenthesis in all the chaos around my husband and I. Eager to know more about her, I also found out she is a marry young lady. I  have the opportunity to see a video of her wedding because her videographer posted two videos online. What a beautiful wedding! So she gave me the inspiration I was needing in my journey to rase my son without ruling out any of my dreams for him. Click Here: Andi Cam Production, you can see the videos of her wedding.

Bernadette and her husband
Photo by Andi Cam Productions

Sometimes, I wonder what people think about me when I say my high expectations for Tommy. Sometimes, I wonder if they feel sorry for me because they don't think my son can rich very high due to myths and lack of information about Trisomy 21. But I am glad I am the one in this journey because, day by day, I can see the wonders God can do. I forgive the unawareness of those who don't know about our kids' potential. My advise to any parent out there who are receiving the diagnosis or are struggling accepting the diagnosis, keep dreaming about your son's or daughter's future as you would do it with a typical child. Along the way, they will be challenges; but, you won't know you child's potential if you don't give her or him the opportunity to try it.

Paintings by Bernadette Resha

You can buy her paintings and merchandise online at
her website:



Anna said...

oh how I love this post. I wrote a little about this same thing today. Being an artist this ministers to me more than you would know. Thank you.

evrfwd said...

Great post! True as rain.