Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 for 21: Our Mission Statement

To keep our perspective what we want for our son's future, I wrote a mission statement I share with everybody involved in Tommy's development. I have a copy of our Mission Statement in our son's EIP file at school. I will share it you today:

Mission Statement:
Our mission as parents is to acquire high quality special education services for our son, Thomas Aidan Lane, that will prepare him with the academic knowledge, skills and standpoints he needs for a future post-high school education. During the period our son is part of the special education program would like to work in conjunction with IEP team, including all professional involved in our child’s education, so we can see Tommy’s communication skills improve so he can openly express his feelings and needs in English and Spanish by sustaining a conversation in any environment that will allow him to be included into the multicultural background he is part of. The academic knowledge in conjunction with the bilingual skills our son can achieve are essential for him to get a paid employment in a field of his choice; therefore, he can life a productive and independent life, to the maximum extent possible. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Lane

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